What's the Best Material For My Front Door?

Your front door gives you a solid barrier from the heat or cold of the seasons. While looks are important, the material can be a positive or negative when needed the most. Direction of the wind is also a factor in providing protection. If your entry door faces west or north, substantial material and professional installation is key in staying energy-efficient. Here are more tips in choosing the right material for your front door.

Where To Shop

Home improvement stores and online manufacturers offer many choices in entry doors. Where you shop is less of an importance as what to look for.

Energy-Star Rated

Fiberglass and steel doors will offer more insulating value than those made of wood.

Professional Installation

When shopping for a door, keep in mind that pre-hung door systems will be the same size as an existing door. If you have had problems with leakage in the past, it is worth your time and money to have a door professionally installed. Changing the look of front doors by adding side windows or selecting a larger door should also be done by a professional. Any skilled contractor can tackle this job.

Door Hardware

A door knob and lock may seem sufficient to you. However, security is a must when it comes to front doors. Select a door that allows you to add your own door knob and lock. This way you can be sure of secure metal material and extra long screws in keeping the jamb in place.

Pros and Cons of Entry Door Types


Steel entry doors are energy-efficient. They are attractive to homeowners due to the low cost and weather resistance. However, in abuse tests, steel doors were not as resistant as wood and fiberglass. They are also prone to dents and scratches that are difficult to repair.


If you are looking for entry doors that are practical. fiberglass should be your pick. They can be painted, come in wood-grain texture and are resistant to dents. Fairly inexpensive, they can withstand weather and abuse. The only drawback is extreme impacts that can cause cracking.


A wood front door is a beauty to behold. They are elegant and resistant to dents and wear. However, they are the most expensive and require regular painting or staining in order to keep their high-quality appearance.

Extra Features

Vertical braces made of wood can allow bowing and warping to occur. The best choice for railing is laminated wood to avoid this. Sweeps that are adjustable are the best in avoiding replacement. They will stay weather-resistant over time. Glass is beautiful in any entry way. However, glass inserts will cut back on the insulating value.

If you decide to shop online, do your research. Check out a manufacturer's website, read the warranties and see what others have to say about their products. If shopping at a physical store, ask for pamphlets and information.

Consider the type of use that your entrance is subject to. If your door is opened multiple times during the day, a sustainable material should be used. Spend the money to have your new door professionally installed along with an adjustable threshold and sustainable hardware.

Front doors are a large protecting factor on your home. Take the time to make the best choice possible. For more information, contact Window World at 318-742-9011 or request your free estimate today!

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