What is Vinyl Siding: Conservation, Color, Preservation, and Property Value

Home Energy Conservation

Can vinyl siding alter your energy costs? Yes, but always be wary of the chipper salesperson who boasts of through-the-roof energy savings percentages. More expensive grades of insulated vinyl may help conserve energy, but this should not be a deal breaker. Vinyl is still considered to be a superficial treatment. If energy savings is top priority for the homeowner, they may choose to install additional insulation for additional energy conservation.


Because vinyl siding is becoming more popular than ever, there are also more colors available than ever. We offer a variety of tones, and shades to match each home’s personality.

The colors have also been formulated to last longer, meaning they don't fade as quickly. The vinyl coloring process has changed, and for the better. Now, the pigment is baked through the vinyl siding. This means that the baked-on color won't show scratches. If you choose to go with the recycled vinyl siding method, make sure when choosing your vinyl siding, you look for the same color on underneath side for recycled material to ensure it is baked, not sprayed.

As a homeowner, you can reasonably expect some fading after 5 years. Time and weather will alter gloss. Because of this, finding replacements can be difficult after a time. For this reason, we recommend getting a few extra pieces of vinyl siding and storing it outside, if possible, so that if repairs do need to take place, you will have a perfectly matching piece to do so.

You can always paint over your vinyl siding so that it all matches, but it is important to note, that once you paint vinyl, it is no longer maintenance-free.

Historic Preservation

Yes, we install vinyl, however there are a few notes we feel should be mentioned. Vinyl may fool the eye, but anything artificial will diminish the historic authenticity of an older home. By this, we are referring to a home whose integrity has not already been compromised. Allow us to come out and inspect. We will give you our honest opinion. Vinyl will alter the overall texture and proportions of the house, and vinyl changes the depth of moldings. For this reason, homes with overall authentic, uncompromised history are usually not a good candidate for vinyl.

Property Values

When it comes to selling your beloved home, the choice of to vinyl or not to vinyl is a recurring question we get. Removing vinyl siding from a Victorian-era home or Craftsman bungalow may increase the value, or then again, it may not. It often just depends on just how bad the home looks underneath. This is a home-by-home basis.

However, as the quality and variety of vinyl improves, acceptance grows. As of 2019, most buyers are excited about the low-maintenance perks of owning a vinyl siding home.

Lastly, vinyl can give a ramshackle eyesore a new, clean look, hiding whatever is underneath it. There is no better feeling than turning the ugliest house on the street into one of the most beautiful. Every home is beautiful, but sometimes they need some exterior love from companies like us!

Key Takeaways: Vinyl Siding Considerations

  • Comes in many colors and can be painted
  • Inappropriate for historical preservation
  • Can cause irreversible damage to brick and stone
  • Can increase the value of a neglected home
  • Can decrease the value of an older home

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