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What's the Best Material For My Front Door?

Your front door gives you a solid barrier from the heat or cold of the seasons. While looks are important, the material can be a positive or negative when needed the most. Direction of the wind is also a factor in providing protection. If your entry door faces west or north, substantial material and professional installation is key in staying energy-efficient. Here are more tips in choosing the right material for your front door.

Can New Windows Lower Your Electricity Bill?

If you have ever wondered why your electricity bill and/or heating bill is much higher in the winter and summer, you may want to take a look at your windows. For residential heating and cooling energy, windows are responsible for 25 to 30 percent all year round. If you are wondering how to fix this, there are two popular choices: replace your windows or update them.

What is Vinyl Siding: Conservation, Color, Preservation, and Property Value

Can vinyl siding alter your energy costs? Yes, but always be wary of the chipper salesperson who boasts of through-the-roof energy savings percentages. More expensive grades of insulated vinyl may help conserve energy, but this should not be a deal breaker. Vinyl is still considered to be a superficial treatment. If energy savings is top priority for the homeowner, they may choose to install additional insulation for additional energy conservation.

What is Vinyl Siding: Durability and Maintenance

For many homeowners, the aspects of the construction materials they choose are important. The variables at which most homeowners choose to look at are typically: the manufacturing and transportation, the toxicity in use, and the disposal of the vinyl siding.

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